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Two Leggins Outfitters

Two Leggins Outfitters
David Schaff
HC36 Box 2120
Hardin, MT 59034

Contact Info:
Phone: (406) 665-2825


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prairie dog hunting (lets be real here folks it isn’t hunting it is BLASTING and its FUN) will give you the opportunity to shoot as much as you desire. We have thousands of these little varmints running around and the Ranchers don’t like them injuring their cattle. You can shoot 300-500 rounds in a day easily. If you like lots of shooting we suggest bringing 2-3 rifles so you can continue shooting while we wait for guns to cool down and we are not kidding. If you really want to get to KNOW your big game hunting rifle this is a hunt to bring it along with your varmint rifle. Do you want to master your long range shooting skills, then this is a great way to attain and hone those skills. One of our guides was a Marine corps Sniper Platoon Sergeant and he swears if he could of brought his snipers to train on prairie dogs he would have the best of the best in the worlds snipers. We think he did anyways. If you want a laid back easy and fun day with friends and family to hone or teach someone shooting then this is the BLAST for you! Bring two times the ammo you think you will need and you might be close.