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Why We Shoot Prarie Dogs

1. They are large rodents; just like rats.
2. They are cannibals.
3. They destroy farmers crops.
4. They destroy ranchers' grazing lands and create cattle-crippling holes.
5. They're plague-carrying vermin.
6. Hunting is more humane than poisoning, which is what farmers and ranchers do.
7. To stop the spread of plague, numerous prairie rat towns were poisoned by the state of Colorado a year or two back.
8. They breed like, well, rats and don't have enough natural enemies to keep the population in check.

Hunting them:

1. Decreases the threat of plague.
2. Provides needed population control.
3. Helps farmers and ranchers and keeps your friend's grocery bills down.
4. Decreases the expenses of the state which otherwise has to engage in wide-spread poisoning.
5. Generates revenue for businesses (ammo sales, etc.) and the state (hunting licenses).
6. Ammo and license sales fund state wildlife programs. No hunting, no wildlife management.

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