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Texas Prairie Dog Safaris

Texas Prairie Dog Safaris
Larry Gene Pate - Guide
Box 200
Idalou, TX 79329

Contact Info:
Larry: (806) 775-6630

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Welcome! I have hunted Prairie dogs & Coyotes for over 47 years,I have extensive experience with all calibers of Varmint Rifles as well as most Big Game Rifles.I have experienced several thousand personal kills with several calibers on Prairie dogs as well as other small game including cottontail rabbit as well as Jackrabbits.

I have extensive experience in coyote behavior as well as over 47 years experience Trapping,Snaring and calling.My best one night of hunting with a 220 Swift and a Mossberg 16 guage (# 6 Shot) shotgun is 385 jackrabbits, out of a total of over 450+ rabbits shot. The other 65+ were killed by my hunting partner. That's representing 12 hours of straight very hard hunting.

Prairie Dog Shooting Accomplishments:

  • Handgun shot: Prairie Dog was 514 measured yards with a Remington XP-100, in a 6-BR caliber with a 70 gr Nosler bullet also witnessed by a group of 5 people.
  • 1,044 yard Prairie Dog was shot on the 3rd shot, witnessed by a good friend and client Ray Cook.
  • 1 shot kill on a prairie dog with a 25-06 with a 120 grain bullet at 800 measured wheel yards.
  • 60 dogs out of 70 rounds at 350 to 400 yards.

My reputation of being very fair and honest, precedes me. I am very well known in the Varmint Hunting Industry and am ONE of the 3 Original varmint hunting guides in the USA. After that Guides from all over came out of the wood work to try to strike it rich in this industry. Many soon found out its a very hard industry unless you have the "EXPERIENCE in RANGE FINDING"... and I don't mean with a Rangefinder either.

I look forward to speaking with you on the phone and booking a hunt with me,

Larry Gene Pate
Texas Prairie Dog Hunting Safaris